Draw a roll of love

Through the years of the mountains and rivers, there are always some people, also some people go. Said that the previous life owes, only then has this life's meeting. Promises are made to pay off debts, and those who leave may be completed. Sit in the quiet of the time, browse the old time, see a tree bloom, wait for a cloud. The breeze swaying, gradually eliminate the memory, quietly falling dust, a little warm years.

There is a flower, not open in the summer, but in the heart; the world there is a person, do not live in there, but has been living in life; there is one kind of feeling, not day and night, but always warm in my heart; there is a kind of love, is not touched in the heart. But peace in the soul. Time gap, there is always the sun can not shine, some love, perhaps only live in the thoughts. A total season has its own story, falling petals fell a sense of loss, with the fragrance of the rain wetting silky read day yesterday is poetry.

Who is the love poem written into Acacia red? Let every moment with soft fragrance? True love never warm but not much, if any, every moment in life, the rain is like a curtain slightly, a piece of pure water, beautiful summer morning or winter. Every evening at dusk.

Each person's heart can only live in a person, and this person's arrival is always neither too early nor too late. After years of wind, say listen to the heart, see a flower in the sink leaves. Time has never gone far, the night is still long. Love is precious care, is from the heart of the sun, is from the bottom of my heart. Love is not a sham, it needs a sincerity. Loyal love must be able to let the other see its true self. Love is compassion, understanding and tolerance, but not pity. It's like something can be exchanged, but love can not be.

Through the bustling, earthly walk, the way is left only a person's well-being. To love is to be happy, to love is sweet, and bitter to be loved. Earthly fireworks in warm, there are cold, gather and scatter, finally learned how to love yourself is a really warm. Busy fall, those folded in the edge of time, with the years of color, gradually shallow. Time is the best medicine, for a long time, even the memory will become simple.

The quiet summer flower is deep red, and will eventually return to its place as the season turns. The mentality of the course, that is from simple to complex and from complex to simple. A person, a city, a garden, like wandering in the fairy tale dream. When the wind flow in the well, red light rain with smoke, cold jade time, fall in the dust. A walk, eyes always in time and again, some of the scenery without deliberately detain, really understand don't have a heart, cherish is gentle. In the desert of time, one man can come, and from then on, life becomes oasis. In the world of mortals, there are always some touched, the moment meets, it is the eternal moment. Willing to hold a pen, the ten million years of repair to meet, read a lifetime.

Return to nature

Spring is a season of rich fruit. Peach red cherry, loquat sweet mango, raspberry Bergamot was similar to. In the orchard, the tall trees of green lush, dropping a size not a yellow phase Yin mango, far away and look like a green umbrella with a delicate Huang Baoyu, sunny, people singing. One side is planted yellow loquat, chayote, lavender flowers wrapped Xiyan long fence wire gourd, occasional butterfly Pina ladybird Pianfei drifting, and the snail in the shade leaves by twos and threes under the shadow of a fresh, pastoral scenery, and to the heart Serviced apartment hk.

The gem of the most popular fruit is cherry, a string hanging on the tree, sparkling red, red purple, red with green, red with orange red lips, a lovely beauty like the glass window on the ruby, a dazzling light and moist. Marching barefoot picked up small, hand picked out Hao, wash the bite in the mouth, full of juice, sweet more than last teeth, drink a cup of mellow milk mango juice, listening to the birds smell the flowers, as if happiness is in my nose, lips, heart business start up hong kong.

The beauty of spring warms my heart. The beauty of spring, the softness of my heart. The beauty of spring is planted in my heart.

I hold a long dress dragged a grass flower, folded in a green willow, light ran up dance, humming a happy song. I will praise the spring and sing the spring. I like the smell of your life, the hope of "green", and all the power that radiates, a bright power. He rode a white horse run on the prairie, set off a wave of light flickering with layers of green, and the eagle and Li, and long, the days of the big, wide, let me happywine course hk.

Yo, hey...... Yo, hey...... Yo...... Hey...... The lights blinking shiny eyes, looking at the grass from one flower.




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