All samsara is taken care of


Don't think of karma, partly hidden and partly visible never forgotten; the arena has not, a symbol of war in ancient China; nostalgia, lasting pledge. But in this life, the best scene is to meet you. I have never been a lonely man, swaying in the fate of wild stock or floating clouds and rivers, Shi Yi million, famous all has nothing to do with me, think of someone who can understand me in this lifetime. Every day night cool water, I dressed in white sitting in the moon, blowing the flute. The night is sinking in the night, and the loneliness is lost in the loneliness. It was the ancient life of flowers, like Lycoris radiate, a world apartments for rent Hong Kong

Until one day, the long sentence was still sleeping, a light purple fantasy was already screwed up in my lonely heart filled the valley, I wander in life. Like a boundless tolerance in my life, I sound the way back. You don't know, my fate is always here, waiting for you to come.

I started meditating. What about your past life? That a debauch the bustling curtain call, and to what the world? Flying all over the sky of the vicissitudes of life, the Millennium Temple in bell, whether forgotten in the lane in return? This is a new loneliness, a flurry of things, as autumn ink, dyed with one color foreign companies in hong kong .


Are you a coat, come into my life, you took me to fly from the red fetters, I whisper mountain for you. My soul with you lightly flying all over the sky, inadvertently hear your sweet heart, wild jackdaw, dense morning bell and evening drum -- reminders, and your story into a freehand landscape. Tender in the red, which the hero died at the end of the trail the glint and flash of cold steel, a beauty in her old age, only with you together to watch streamers flying around 通渠公司.

Fate, maybe just a BaiZhuanQianHui inadvertently missed, the trials of a long journey to meet, perhaps just a casual style, already ripped through the preexistence, insert the obsession over the wings may just be a lethe; the soul tremor, enough to awaken the Millennium memory, with the lost password to open the door to know. Red rain, a pipe dream, who is passing, who is doom, who is who miss the station? At least, in those wind blown butterflies, I see a poetic death, just as poetic dwelling, like the end of love, has no life and death.

Sing while drinking, the geometry of life? The morning dew, goes. I count you weave tillage, dust storm, a word of the sad Yan intersection, a song of happy recollections, a smile of gratitude with a hug, Guxie blending into the eternal scenery. Hold the hands of heart-shaped key, enduring in the years of erosion. Because love, all life is gentle treat each other.

In the world the most difficult encounter is not to let you do not love me love me, nor let the love we can't be together, but, to meet this into a steady, love family. I once said that time will disappear one day in our life, and together with the infinite fate, it will be submerged in the vast expanse of heaven and earth. Perhaps I was wrong, with you accompanied by the days, I believe in a deep-rooted attachment. I am convinced that the withered flowers just past the butterfly wings, I believe those cold body just love immortal sculpture, I believe that the sun is sadly gushing prelude, I believe those trivial words is the reincarnation of the comma.