Three degrees


Listen and play a tune. The three chapter of the document, after all, the main theme is only a sentence. Lift Eye Fenghua Hemacandra, turned to deeper dew. Pick up a past, that is the time of litter memory; love: flowers, everlasting longing for you, Feifei, live in the bosom embrace, she (he) is the pen, the note is me. Always love poetry, I think the former is the only product of tea, light blue Zhuju que Shangmei fancies of men of letters and words; the latter is wine bottles, drink apricot rain, chewing sadness leisurely, therefore in dyeing and in chapter Zhongxun residual fragments.

A time, three thousand lines; a Qingyuan ink dye cream; a meter of sunshine, flowers for the new dew. A touch of love, from pearl. Listen to the sounds, such as jade curtain hanging in the window of the soul, the spirit of Green's fairy tale flourishing leaves and withering flowers, poetry, rhyme Qiong sound stream of beauty, happiness in complex have sailed the seven seas, 1999, lingering is light; "Nine Songs" songs of the south, not moving. Encounter heart Mo, tapping hardwood clappers meet the most beautiful in life.

Ask the world what love is, white music heaven is everlasting, enchanting smiles students; Savon said it is the smoke of a sigh. I think that it is Su rain, snow pear in spring. Jin Jian overlap Leihen word, life is only love hard to die. The quiet time, and your language; bustling cleared, and the king of old. More than once in the sun: the beauty of poetry mood is similar. Virtue, like name, is sweet, and heart worthy. The beauty and beauty, virtue, worldly treasures!

Would like to build a small town, in the blue sky and white clouds above, climb a bird's eye view of the world landscape. Listen to the story, and the clouds of poetry, take the bluish white wall, a Joan Gong GUI grains, because this is a wisp of smoke. To provide a Yechou heart, pastoral pastoral work. The heart was dripping into words engraved shells, rendering the scenery, shattered spirits "my word" cast que Lennon; his soul beat making Xue Jian, twist poetry thinking into green growth, it will recover my really lush.

Always think that the book is not always for others, their new normal. Champagne shame decorated flops as wilderness whisper. Often ponder over: mountains and rivers like old, how many future people. A good man is a man, but a fool is me. Thought the past only proved a math problem, and understanding in philosophy of life. If these prove useful to a man, a gentleman Wenlin gossip, be indifferent to quiet, also is the first wish. Living in the street under the heart extension step, fall red in Chu his innocence in Britain; his heart planted banyan, skillfully woven with colorful brocade tomorrow. Shallow sing, good handle, heavy Yin.